by The Little Ditties

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This is the story of the Snack-O-Dile. The little toothy creature that sometimes comes, to eat your extra snacks and crumbs. In our house the Snack-O-Dile doesn't get much to eat when snack time rolls around, but when supper hits, HOOO-doggies there are plenty of bits around for the ol' Snackeroo.


There's a Snack-O-Dile at the table
There's a Snack-O-Dile at the table
And that Snack-O-Dile will snap it's teeth
At anything that you have to eat
So eat your food before it's lost
Inside the Snack-O-Dile's jaws

Ooooh, here he comes and he's looking for a treat
But all that he can see are some stinky danglin' feet
'Cause everybody here ate up
Everything that they could eat
So that Snack-O-Dile will walk the mile back home
To where he sleeps


released November 3, 2015
Written recorded and performed by Jeremy Holmes
Mixed by Erien Eady-Ward



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The Little Ditties Nova Scotia

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